Women’s Property Panel (WPP)

Have you always wanted to get into property? Does the thought of taking that first step set your heart racing?

If you answered yes, then guess what, you’ve already taken the first step! At WPP we are here to provide you with the insight and information you need to start or expand your property portfolio in a safe and personalised manner. Our goal is to fit you with the right properties to suit your goals and income.

Our sole focus is on helping you achieve your dreams. We’ll be by your side every step of the way, from developing a lending strategy to purchasing your first property and even further. After all, we’re not here to sell you ONE property, we’re here to help you build a portfolio. So click the link to sign up for a FREE seminar and come see for yourself.


About Emma Herbert

Emma’s background stems from her time as a real estate agent. It was here, after endless one-off dealings with buyers and having to focus on the sales, that she realised there needed to be more assistance for those on the other end. Assistance that provided them with property to meet their needs, not clear an agent’s stock list.

Emma is a Partner within APP running the WPP, alongside Bridget MacGregor.

About Bridget MacGregor

Bridget comes from the world of mortgage broking. She spent her days pushing loans that only accounted for the here and now. Time and time again, she saw second home buyers stymied by their existing loan arrangements, so much so that she had to do something about it. Now, with the chance to sit down and take a long term approach, she revels in the ability to set her clients up for life.

Bridget is a Partner within APP running the WPP, alongside Emma Herbert.

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Brisbane | International Women's Day Luncheon
Hosted by: Emma Herbert & Bridget MacGregor
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Brisbane | Part 1: How to successfully get started investing in property
Hosted by: Women’s Property Panel – Emma Herbert & Bridget MacGregor
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Why choose Women's Property Panel

  • Buy a Portfolio, not a Property.

    Purchasing property is simple, but building a sustainable portfolio takes care and forward planning. We provide you with the info you need to make informed decisions, as well as walking beside you for the whole journey. We don’t want to sell you a property, we want to provide you the freedom to live your life.

    Download our free resource “Sit On It” for a complete overview of our approach to property investment.

  • Experience on Your side.

    We’re here solely to get you into the property market in a way that suits you. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter models, everyone is different: different stages of life, different background, and different financial circumstances. That’s why we work with you to achieve the best results for your situation whilst giving you access to a vast network of knowledge and contacts.

  • All this and it's Free.

    That’s right! You pay nothing extra. Sounds like a scam doesn’t it, but we simply take a small slice of the agency commissions, without adding to the cost. Don’t think that this means we’ll try and push you into something that you’re not comfortable with. Our biggest payoff comes from seeing our clients reach their portfolio dreams, and this means finding the right properties every step of the way.

  • WPP International Womens Day - March 2017

  • APP Team Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb April 2016

  • The Great Gatsby Garden Party - Moranbah QLD


  • I wanted a seamless, hands-free process…

    I’ve known Emma and Bridget now for around 3 years, flying up each year in march for their annual International Womens Day Luncheon. I met them through a friend whom has invested a few times already through Womens Property Panel.

    The process started over a year ago expressing my interest to invest at the ripe age of 38 as a first time investor and owner. My main choice to choosing women’s property panel was to have a seamless, hands free process – as my job can be demanding & heavy, my time to manage the ins and outs of a new investment property wouldn’t have been there.

    Cue in Bridget & Emma ….

    Bridget, Emma and I spoke of what was needed in terms of a deposit. Bridget moved forward preparing all the finance paperwork, Emma charged forward finding a new area of opportunity to build in up in Queensland.

    From paperwork, builders, solicitors, property managers… to be honest I wouldn’t have a clue how many people have been involved, Emma & Bridget (and team) have managed 95% of all the hard work, whilst I’ve had the end result I’ve wanted of just

    Signing paperwork and getting on with business in Sydney.

    In 2 months the house will be finished, and I still can’t believe this is happening, but it is. I’m not only lucky enough to have Emma and Bridget as my property/financial advisors, but now it’s been so long, i also consider them friends.

    Thanks team WPP…… Cue a glass of champagne ?

    – Giulia S

  • “Australian Property Panel has given Shirley and I the confidence to invest in our family’s future with property.

    The personalised attention we have been given is highly trusted and valued. As beginners in the property investment game both Bridget & Emma explained things in a down to earth manner and with succinct clarity. We can’t tell enough people about Australian Property Panel and we are excited at the idea of developing our property portfolio with them. Their genuine generosity speaks volumes about them personally, we have been overwhelmed every step of the way and it feels fantastic!”

    Warmest Regards

    Chris & Shirley

  • Emma and Bridget are a great team.

    From initial consultation for finance structure and securing the land to the building process the girls work together to ensure it runs smoothly. I have no hesitation in recomending WPP to anybody that is considering building an investment property portfolio.


  • As a long time Facebook friend of Emma’s (thanks to the perks of small town syndrome where everyone knows everyone) I constantly saw her posts and videos about investing and what she ‘does’. In all honesty I never watched any (sorry Emma) until one day a ‘did you know…’ video popped up and I had a couple minutes spare. Instantly I knew I had to share it with my husband. For 10yrs he has talked about wanting to invest and get into the property market but as parents of 2 little ones and not a great deal of savings it was a distant dream. However, something in that video made me book Ben in for a free workshop with APP. The workshop hooked him, he came home full of knowledge, possibilities and excitement.

    We then met with Emma & Bridget not long after and our lives changed. These ladies & their team are something else. They made our ‘way far off in the future’ dream a reality. In only 7 months after we watched that Facebook video we have settled on our first (of many) investment properties.

    From the bottom of our hearts we thank you! Our kids futures are so much brighter now and it would never have been possible without the Women’s Property Panel.


  • I have and will continue to recommend WPP

    I cannot praise Emma Herbert, Bridget Headland and all the team from Women’s Property Panel for the help they have provided throughout the purchase and build thus far of our first investment property. I describe the whole process as an open children’s book, from the first page to the last there are many questions that arise as a first time property investor, the WPP team have always provided a clear, prompt and meaningful answer to make reading and understanding the book so much easier.
    When a business model revolves around expansion by referral you can only expect to receive the best advice and assistance possible. I have and will continue to recommend Women’s Property Panel to all my friends and family as I am extremely confident their experiences will be as pleasant as mine so far. Thank you to all the team at Women’s Property Panel.

    James & Amanda

  • WPP gave us an honest answer and great advice…

    Being first homebuyers we had no idea where to start, how much things costs, who to contact etc. We looked at blocks of land ourselves and quickly found that we were well over our head and went back to square one. We then went to an estate and were moments away from securing a block of land as we were told they were selling quick and we felt a little rushed. We were being pushed into buying a house and land package that was going to be way over our budget and months and months away from being ready to be built on.

    A good friend of ours put us in touch with Women’s Property Panel, thank GOD! Women’s Property Panel took the time to explain the many mistakes that first home buyers do, not having curtains because they simply can’t afford it as they went over budget (where we were headed). Imagine not being able to afford curtains AND also wanting to buy another house for investment. The wonderful ladies were there to answer any questions, take us for a drive to see properties and gave us an HONEST answer and some great advice.

    WPP know the growth areas and what factors to look at when having investment properties. They have set us up with our finance to have as an investment in the future. They were not trying to push us into something that we couldn’t afford and they have guided us into our first investment property. Don’t get me wrong, buying your first home is stressful, but I cannot imagine how much MORE stressful it would have been without the WPP Team there to explain the ins and outs of everything that we needed to know. Never once have we felt pressured to do anything we were not sure about. WPP are there to help you grow your “Empire” of investments and what makes the difference, is they love what they do, they know what they are doing and they love helping and seeing people succeed with building a brighter future! We are so happy with the WPP team that we are now looking at our second property to purchase before we are in our first. I have great confidence that my partner and myself will be up to our 4th, 5th, 6th house in no time.

    Nick & Kat

  • THANK YOU so much for the beautiful flowers.

    We are so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to obtain an investment property (and hopefully more) and working towards a more financially stable future for ourselves.

    We appreciate your guidance and support.

    Thank you all again, we look forward to working through the next phase with you as well as working towards Property No. 3!

    All our love, Tracy and Sam.

  • Jack and I wanted to thank you so very much for the gorgeous bunch of flowers! It’s made our day and it was such a lovely surprise! You have all been so incredible in our journey to buy our first home and we cannot thank you enough for the time and hospitality you have shown this year. You have made this whole process seamless for us and we continue to rave about your professionalism to all our friends and family. We truly value and advocate for the outstanding work you all do.

    Thank you so much again and we look forward to seeing you soon and celebrating the next stage of our build with you.

    With our heartfelt gratitude, Lauren and Jack.