If you are motivated to get ahead in life, property investment can be the pathway to your financial freedom.

We can help you make clever investment decisions and give you access to decades of experience in residential property market—all for free!

Our service introduces you to experienced property investors and independent professional services and together we build a team to assist you in your property investment journey. We call it your Personal Property Panel.

Whether you are just starting your investment journey or ready to grow your existing portfolio, Australian Property Panel can help you shape your strategy for property success.


About Bridget MacGregor

Bridget is an investor. At the tender age of 26 had already accumulated four properties. She also understands finance, having guided hundreds of property investors to secure the right type of investment and help them build a property portfolio. She is passionate about helping other women to achieve their financial goal, without charging for her considerable knowledge.

Bridget comes from the world of mortgage broking. She spent her days pushing loans that only accounted for the here and now. Time and time again, she saw second home buyers stymied by their existing loan arrangements, so much so that she had to do something about it. Now, with the chance to sit down and take a long term approach, she revels in the ability to set her clients up for life.

Aussie Home Loans Top Loan Writer within QLD/NT.
Aussie’s National Top Retail Loan Writer 2012.
Top Mortgage Brokers within Australia under the age of 30 (Advisor Magazines Young Broker of the Year).
Top 100 MPA Brokers for 2012.

Bridget is a Partner within APP.

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  • How Can APP Help Me?

    If you've ever wanted to invest in property - whether it be for your first home or your third - take some time to learn about Australian Property Panel. They've helped thousands of Australians successfully invest in property. And their advice is free to you. Visit www.auspropertypanel.com.au to find out more.

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Why choose Australian Property Panel

  • We use proven strategies that work.

    We use tried, tested and proven investment strategies that work. We only offer you property that meets our strict criteria. This makes sure the property is highly attractive to your future tenants while giving you maximum tax allowances. After all, we don’t want to help you buy one investment property; we want to help you build a portfolio.
    Download our free resource “Sit On It” for a complete overview of our approach to property investment.

  • We get that you don't have time.

    With us, you can understand as much (or as little) about the property investment market as you want, ensuring you have the confidence to achieve your goals. You can rely on the experience of your Personal Property Panel; your own team of property experts—totally independent mortgage brokers, accountants, solicitors, financial planners, builders, depreciation specialists and property managers.

  • We take a personal approach.

    As a boutique and specialist service, we make our approach personal by only working with a limited number of clients each year. We take the time to be sure that your property strategy is going to achieve the financial goals that suit your individual situation, now and into the future.


  • “Australian Property Panel has given Shirley and I the confidence to invest in our family’s future with property. The personalised attention we have been given is highly trusted and valued. As beginners in the property investment game both Bridget & Emma explained things in a down to earth manner and with succinct clarity. We can’t tell enough people about Australian Property Panel and we are excited at the idea of developing our property portfolio with them. Their genuine generosity speaks volumes about them personally, we have been overwhelmed every step of the way and it feels fantastic!”

    Warmest Regards

    Chris & Shirley

  • I found the whole process VERY easy…
    I found the whole process VERY easy, as I said yes, I was kind of thinking can it really be this easy? To be honest it felt a little “too good to be true” and I probably would have been suspicious if it had been someone I didn’t know well. I appreciated all the up front information on the property and the work it saved me. The rental appraisal was also very helpful (will be interested to see how the actual rental income aligns).
    Ariane P
  • As a long time Facebook friend of Emma’s (thanks to the perks of small town syndrome where everyone knows everyone) I constantly saw her posts and videos about investing and what she ‘does’. In all honesty I never watched any (sorry Emma) until one day a ‘did you know…’ video popped up and I had a couple minutes spare. Instantly I knew I had to share it with my husband. For 10yrs he has talked about wanting to invest and get into the property market but as parents of 2 little ones and not a great deal of savings it was a distant dream. However, something in that video made me book Ben in for a free workshop with APP. The workshop hooked him, he came home full of knowledge, possibilities and excitement.

    We then met with Emma & Bridget not long after and our lives changed. These ladies & their team are something else. They made our ‘way far off in the future’ dream a reality. In only 7 months after we watched that Facebook video we have settled on our first (of many) investment properties.

    From the bottom of our hearts we thank you! Our kids futures are so much brighter now and it would never have been possible without the Women’s Property Panel.


  • Many thanks to you & your team. 
    Hey Emma,
    Just a short email to commend you and your entire team on such a positive experience so far. I’m about 8 weeks away from the completion of my investment property and so far my experience with WPP has been wonderful. From the very first workshop you and your team mapped out in such simple terms the investment process:–

    Bridget was prompt at contacting me to discuss my situation and she made time after hours to meet me and discuss how I too could invest (up until that point I wasn’t sure I had the capacity).

    Emma you were quick to offer me a potential investment, you took the time to explain how important the 28-point criteria is for a viable investment property.

    Emma you took time out of your weekend to take me out to Warner’s Lake, drive me through the estate, and around the neighbourhood – your knowledge of the area and the growth expected was fantastic, very professional!

    Deb at Inspire ( the builders) has kept me updated on the progress of the building of my investment property incl photos of the step by step construction.

    Now I am just awaiting the completion and am looking forward to securing a tenant. Many thanks to you and your entire team!”

    Alison S

  • Thanks for an easy build!

    I wanted to provide you with some feedback regarding the process that was undertaken regarding the recently completed house at Ormeau Ridge.

    I have been absolutely thrilled with the efficiency and communication that you have provided over the course of the last 16 weeks!

    Two co-workers have built houses during the same period with other providers and have had delays, poor communication, poor attitudes and hidden costs. I can’t comment on whether this was the fault of the builder but it really stood out just how smooth and painless this build was for me.

    Being able to show pictures of the build in progress at every draw down stage was cause for envy in the office! And I loved that I could see the progress without having to worry about taking time off work to go down to the site.

    While I understand that I bought off-plan, and made no changes I really appreciated the the level of communication and the notifications of when you needed something from me.

    Emma and Bridget, I think this is a great tribute to the relationships that you build with your providers.

    Kind Regards

    G. Lidster

  • Jack and I wanted to thank you so very much for the gorgeous bunch of flowers! It’s made our day and it was such a lovely surprise! You have all been so incredible in our journey to buy our first home and we cannot thank you enough for the time and hospitality you have shown this year. You have made this whole process seamless for us and we continue to rave about your professionalism to all our friends and family. We truly value and advocate for the outstanding work you all do.

    Thank you so much again and we look forward to seeing you soon and celebrating the next stage of our build with you.

    With our heartfelt gratitude, Lauren and Jack.

  • THANK YOU so much for the beautiful flowers.

    We are so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to obtain an investment property (and hopefully more) and working towards a more financially stable future for ourselves.

    We appreciate your guidance and support.

    Thank you all again, we look forward to working through the next phase with you as well as working towards Property No. 3!

    All our love, Tracy and Sam.