QLD Property Advice (QPA)

We know what it’s like to be where you are; working and trying to get ahead while managing time pressures and a busy family life—we have experienced it first-hand.

Perhaps you already know property is a great investment, but finding the time to take action and look at all of the options can be difficult. That’s where our free service can help!

Our panel of experienced property investors and independent professionals are on hand to assist you in building your property portfolio.

Whether you are looking for solid growth over the long-term, a nest-egg for retirement or an asset you can give to your children, QPA can show you the easy way to invest in property.


About Mark Browning

Mark has a passion for watching family, friends and clients grow their equity and cash-flow in their own property portfolios. He started off with the Australian Federal Police and NSW Police service for a number of years, following his studies at university in Criminal Justice. Mark then moved into the finance sector as a Trade Credit Broker, managing the Queensland office and a portfolio of multi-million dollar businesses. A former client of the APP, his goal is to share his knowledge about property investment and help you be in control of your own retirement plan.

Mark is a Partner within APP running the QPA.

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On average a “property cycle” is seven to ten years, meaning the average 30-year-old has only three cycles to build wealth in the property market. Start today by calling for a personal appointment or to attend one of our workshops.
Brisbane | Part 1: How to successfully get started investing in property
Hosted by: Women’s Property Panel – Emma Herbert & Bridget MacGregor
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Why Choose QLD Property Advice

  • We use proven strategies that work.

    Years of investment experience has resulted in a number of simple property investment strategies we use today. One strategy involves choosing a new build over an old property. This not only has higher appeal to your future tenant, it had additional tax advantages such as depreciation.
    Download our free resource “Sit On It” for a complete overview of our approach to property investment.

  • We get that you don't have time.

    We save you both time and money, using our property investment expertise and bringing together a team of independent specialists to assist you in every stage of your property investment. Together with Property Managers and Finance Brokers, we form your personal Property Panel. This gives you direct access to a wealth of knowledge, so you can be confident when making property investment decisions. We make knowing the property market our business, giving you time back to enjoy the things that are important to you.

  • We take a personal approach.

    We have helped hundreds of clients find properties and begin investing—but each of them was unique with their own personal reasons for investing. Property investment is a long-term venture, so we have an ongoing relationship with our clients that doesn’t end when you sign the contract.