It was honestly such a stress-free experience

Being first-time property investors and having never built a new home before there was so much about the process we didn’t know. With so many moving parts the whole project had the potential to be really stressful, but Australian Property Panel provided us with all the people we needed each step of the way to ensure everything went smoothly. This included using their influence to get us the best rates for insurances, property management etc.
One of the biggest benefits of using Australian Property Panel was having access to their industry relationships to find a block. Brad found us an amazing lot that hadn’t and wouldn’t hit the market for sale to the public, meaning there is no way we could have found it alone.
When we finished, the house was ready for tenants to live in, right down to a cutlery tray in the kitchen draw! (we really took advantage of the option for a hands-off approach because we’re both so busy). Just 4 days on the rental market and 1 week after handover we already had tenants ready to move in, so our property started producing income almost immediately.
We were kept informed the whole way through and never had to chase anyone for answers or progress reports. We’re beyond happy with how it all went and it was honestly such a stress-free experience. We couldn’t think of a better way to have started our journey in property, in fact we’ve already started saving for the next one!

Aspen & James, Buderim QLD

  • APP Client Testimonial Finished House Lot 30 Burnley
    They kept me informed every step of the way…

    This is the first time I have dipped my toe into property investing, so wasn’t sure what to expect or even any of the processes involved. SA Property Panel made the journey less stressful with their professionalism, extensive knowledge and communications around the whole process, from the inception until the very end. They kept me informed every step of the way, and were more than willing to help should I have any questions or need assistance. I am very pleased with the service I received and have no hesitation in engaging SA Property Panel again for future property investments.

    Thank you Andrew and Matthew for all your help. I know you both went out of your way to ensure I was looked after and that everything ran smoothly. I definitely feel like this is not the end and that you will see me again sometime in the future, on another project.

    Alexia C, Adelaide

  • Ricky McMahon Testimonial Block of land
    Helped us secure our first investment property

    We’d like to thank Women’s Property Panel for all they did to help us secure our first investment property. We first attended one of the awesome workshops… mainly for some free wine and a couple of delicious sandwiches. Turns out they were really informative, easy to follow and understand… and funny! Nothing better than a little humour to ease you into the nitty-gritty. From there, they helped guide us through the whole process, from James and Bridget in the finance side of things making everything run smooth to Emma and the team helping us find the perfect location and build option to suit our needs. The whole process has been an absolute breeze. We have had no stress at all and have felt comfortable as we always had someone guiding us and looking out for our best interests. This was always important for us as a young couple about to start a family we wanted to make sure we were doing the right thing. We are very excited as the build is not far from completion and we look forward to continuing to work with WPP as we hope this is only the first property we can add to our portfolio.

    R. McMahon & M Steel, Brisbane

  • Client Testimonial SA Completed House Ian and Julie House
    Having the right team to support you is critical…

    Having the right team to support you in your property journey is critical, I can thoroughly recommend SA Property Panel. We are extremely satisfied with the professionalism, outstanding levels of service, support & knowledge provided by AJ and the rest of the team. AJ’s guiding hand was there at every step of the journey, ensuring the process of investing in a new property was a positive experience. He is a true professional and spent a tremendous amount of time working with us to find the right block in a on trend area that suited our budget, partnering us with a great builder who delivered a quality build on time and on budget and importantly no surprises. Introducing us to other professionals that cover all the services required to let and maintain our properties. Our latest build was handed over, property manager assigned, one viewing, applications vetted, contract issued and tenants moving in – all within seven days!

    Ian and Julie, Fulham Gardens

  • APP Client Testimonial Lot 62 Ellabay
    Confidence to invest in our family’s future with property

    “Australian Property Panel has given Shirley and I the confidence to invest in our family’s future with property. The personalised attention we have been given is highly trusted and valued. As beginners in the property investment game both Bridget & Emma explained things in a down to earth manner and with succinct clarity. We can’t tell enough people about Australian Property Panel and we are excited at the idea of developing our property portfolio with them. Their genuine generosity speaks volumes about them personally, we have been overwhelmed every step of the way and it feels fantastic!”

    Warmest Regards

    Chris & Shirley


  • Client Testimonial Brian and Wendy in park
    A smarter way to invest…

    My Fiancé and I first approached the NTPP in 2012 when we were looking for an investment property.

    The NTPP team filled our minds with a tonne of knowledge, but more importantly explained a smarter way to invest. The NTPP team is amazing and take all of the hassle out of sourcing, purchasing and renting out an investment property. With their expert help it wasn’t long before we bought our first property through NTPP. The whole process went without a hitch; every question was answered on the spot. With the support of the NTPP team we have continued to grow our portfolio while also welcoming a new baby to our family. They teach you how to invest smartly and sustainably, so you can continue to grow your portfolio without sacrificing the life you want. We both highly recommend the team at NTPP and APP, they are a pleasure to work with.

    Brian & Wendy, Darwin NT.

  • International Women's Day 2018 IWD
    I wanted a seamless, hands-free process…

    I’ve known Emma and Bridget now for around 3 years, flying up each year in march for their annual International Womens Day Luncheon. I met them through a friend whom has invested a few times already through Womens Property Panel.

    The process started over a year ago expressing my interest to invest at the ripe age of 38 as a first time investor and owner. My main choice to choosing women’s property panel was to have a seamless, hands free process – as my job can be demanding & heavy, my time to manage the ins and outs of a new investment property wouldn’t have been there.

    Cue in Bridget & Emma ….

    Bridget, Emma and I spoke of what was needed in terms of a deposit. Bridget moved forward preparing all the finance paperwork, Emma charged forward finding a new area of opportunity to build in up in Queensland.

    From paperwork, builders, solicitors, property managers… to be honest I wouldn’t have a clue how many people have been involved, Emma & Bridget (and team) have managed 95% of all the hard work, whilst I’ve had the end result I’ve wanted of just

    Signing paperwork and getting on with business in Sydney.

    In 2 months the house will be finished, and I still can’t believe this is happening, but it is. I’m not only lucky enough to have Emma and Bridget as my property/financial advisors, but now it’s been so long, i also consider them friends.

    Thanks team WPP…… Cue a glass of champagne ?

    – Giulia S

  • APP Client Testimonial SAPP Completed House Lot 369 Arrowsmith
    Definitely would work with AJ again

    SAPP go above and beyond to ensure their client’s needs are met. I have just completed my first investment project with them and I can honestly say that Andrew will do everything he can to make the process as smooth and simple as possible. Definitely would work with AJ again!

    Bik, Parafield Gardens SA

  • Client Testimonial Brent and Amy Block of land
    Emma & Bridget are a great team

    Emma and Bridget are a great team. From initial consultation for finance structure and securing the land to the building process the girls work together to ensure it runs smoothly. I have no hesitation in recomending WPP to anybody that is considering building an investment property portfolio.


  • Client Testimonial Kym Godrik Completed Yarrabilba home
    Currently building 2nd property in Brisbane

    We’ve been with SA Property Panel for 5 years now and currently in the process of building our second investment property with them. Once you become a part of this family, you are taken on a seamless journey, provided with free information and helped every step of the way. They do all the hard work of researching areas for growth and suitability. At no time did they ask for any money from us. Attending workshops and catching up with the team over the years made our decision to invest in property easy and SA Property Panel ensured we didn’t have to do a thing. We understood what investing in property was all about and felt much more comfortable in our decision to invest again.

    The team from SA Property Panel are always available for advice – you are not forgotten which is very reassuring. Discovering SA Property Panel was a breath of fresh air. SA Property Panel introduced us to some great people and experts i.e. accountants, financial advisors, etc. Our broker Chris did a great job in getting our finance sorted quickly. We were provided with weekly progress reports through the construction and they even organised a property manager who had tenants straight away. SA Property Panel were wonderful at keeping us up to date. Our first property is doing very well and we are currently building again in Brisbane.”

    Emma and Kym, Evanston Park SA

  • APP Client Testimonial Completed House Lot 303 koch
    Building interstate was an easy process

    Thank you so much Andrew for making this such an easy process.  I’d always thought building interstate was out of the question as we couldn’t be there to follow what was going on, but with SA Property Panel in charge, there was never any doubt or question as everything ran so smoothly.

    Cathy and Peter, Tanunda SA

  • Many thanks to you & your team

    Hey Emma, Just a short email to commend you and your entire team on such a positive experience so far. I’m about 8 weeks away from the completion of my investment property and so far my experience with WPP has been wonderful. From the very first workshop you and your team mapped out in such simple terms the investment process – Bridget was prompt at contacting me to discuss my situation and she made time after hours to meet me and discuss how I too could invest (up until that point I wasn’t sure I had the capacity) – Emma you were quick to offer me a potential investment, you took the time to explain how important the 28point criteria is for a viable investment property – Emma you took time out of your weekend to take me out to Warner’s Lake, drive me through the estate, and around the neighbourhood- your knowledge of the area and the growth expected was fantastic, very professional! – Deb at Inspire ( the builders) has kept me updated on the progress of the building of my investment property incl photos of the step by step construction. Now I am just awaiting the completion and am looking forward to securing a tenant. Many thanks to you and your entire team!”

    Alison S

  • Client Testimonials James and Amanda House under construction
    I have and will continue to recommend WPP

    I cannot praise Emma Herbert, Bridget Headland and all the team from Women’s Property Panel for the help they have provided throughout the purchase and build thus far of our first investment property. I describe the whole process as an open children’s book, from the first page to the last there are many questions that arise as a first time property investor, the WPP team have always provided a clear, prompt and meaningful answer to make reading and understanding the book so much easier. When a business model revolves around expansion by referral you can only expect to receive the best advice and assistance possible. I have and will continue to recommend Women’s Property Panel to all my friends and family as I am extremely confident their experiences will be as pleasant as mine so far. Thank you to all the team at Women’s Property Panel.

    James & Amanda

  • Client Testimonial Nick and Kat on Block of land
    …gave us an honest answer and great advice…

    Being first homebuyers we had no idea where to start, how much things costs, who to contact etc. We looked at blocks of land ourselves and quickly found that we were well over our head and went back to square one. We then went to an estate and were moments away from securing a block of land as we were told they were selling quick and we felt a little rushed. We were being pushed into buying a house and land package that was going to be way over our budget and months and months away from being ready to be built on.

    A good friend of ours put us in touch with Women’s Property Panel, thank GOD! Women’s Property Panel took the time to explain the many mistakes that first home buyers do, not having curtains because they simply can’t afford it as they went over budget (where we were headed). Imagine not being able to afford curtains AND also wanting to buy another house for investment. The wonderful ladies were there to answer any questions, take us for a drive to see properties and gave us an HONEST answer and some great advice.

    WPP know the growth areas and what factors to look at when having investment properties. They have set us up with our finance to have as an investment in the future. They were not trying to push us into something that we couldn’t afford and they have guided us into our first investment property. Don’t get me wrong, buying your first home is stressful, but I cannot imagine how much MORE stressful it would have been without the WPP Team there to explain the ins and outs of everything that we needed to know. Never once have we felt pressured to do anything we were not sure about. WPP are there to help you grow your “Empire” of investments and what makes the difference, is they love what they do, they know what they are doing and they love helping and seeing people succeed with building a brighter future! We are so happy with the WPP team that we are now looking at our second property to purchase before we are in our first. I have great confidence that my partner and myself will be up to our 4th, 5th, 6th house in no time.

    Nick & Kat

  • I found the whole process VERY easy…

    I found the whole process VERY easy, as I said yes, I was kind of thinking can it really be this easy? To be honest it felt a little “too good to be true” and I probably would have been suspicious if it had been someone I didn’t know well. I appreciated all the up front information on the property and the work it saved me. The rental appraisal was also very helpful (will be interested to see how the actual rental income aligns).

    Ariane P

  • Client testimonial Fiona and Jason house under construction
    APP in a word: Fantastic!

    APP in a word: Fantastic! We loved their efficiency, but most of all we loved their proficiency. Having the opportunity to work with people who are truly adept is both inspiring and refreshing. It made our journey into property investment a most rewarding experience. The team structure of the APP is something to be admired and we really appreciated how generous they were with sharing their knowledge. Having a direct point of contact, who was readily able to provide answers and solutions to any of our questions, was key to smooth progression throughout each phase and meant that we worked with confidence every step of the way.

    To Grant and all who have looked after us so well: Thank you! We look forward to working with you again.

    Fiona and Jason, Darwin NT.

  • Client Testimonial APP Lot 891 Smallacombe
    A great first experience!

    A great first experience, and your support and cohesion of the whole process is much appreciated.  Exactly what I was expecting!  I will definitely recommend you to friends like myself who are interested in property development, but hesitant to take that first step, or simply don’t have the time chasing ‘stuff’ around!

    Amanda, Whyalla SA

  • Client Testimonial Mick and Bernadette Finished house
    APP has made investing in property easy…

    We had been considering investing in property for quite a while and had listened to lots of different peoples’ advice and ideas on the best way to go about it. This generally lead to confusion and therefore never happened.

    Two years ago we were invited to a NT Property Panel seminar and presented with what we believe to be the best way of going about it. The strategy set out was clear and precise and now after two houses we have been able to see everything fall into place as had been explained to us at the seminar. Brad, Grant and the team have everything organised and have everyone from finance at the beginning to accountants at the end ready to go. They have made investing in property easy and have the right strategy to get maximum returns from your investment.

    We have and will continue to recommend NTPP to anyone thinking of investing in property.

    Mick & Bernadette, Darwin NT

  • Client Testimonials Kendall Jamie completed house
    “AJ showed a great understanding of the investment market…”

    As first time investment property owners, SA Property Panel and Andrew Jackson provided us with a high level of professionalism and showed a great understanding of the investment market. Andrew answered all our anxious questions and researched any of our queries in a timely manner. We were provided with several options for investing and Andrew worked in conjunction with our Mortgage Broker to find the best option for our needs. The service that was provided to us was second to none and I look forward to buying our second investment property through SA Property Panel. I would highly recommend SA Property Panel to any of my family, friends or colleagues.”

    Kendall and Jamie, Huntfield Heights, SA

  • Client Testimonial Jarod and family
    Over and above expectations

    I have worked with NTPP and the team for over four years. They have assisted our family in developing a considerable property portfolio.

    Grant and Brad have gone over and above expectations to support us in reaching our goals. NTPP is extremely helpful, down to earth and get results. Working with them has reduced the stress of purchasing and building and made a difficult process simple.

    They have provided us with great contacts to assist us along the journey. They also know how to put together a good function and have introduced me to others with similar interests and goals. I highly recommend the entire team.

    Jarrod, Darwin NT.

  • Client Testimonial Rachelle overseas at food markets
    Fantastic, professional service

    Owning my own home has always been a goal of mine, however my inability to settle down while travelling and working overseas and around Australia made this impractical. With a big birthday approaching I decided I needed to own more than just a motorbike. Purchasing an investment property presented an ideal solution.

    NTPP provided exceptional advice, answering my many questions over several months and explaining all aspects of the process thoroughly. The builder even provided photographic updates at every stage. When my new neighbours requested a relaxation of boundaries NTPP explained all the technicalities of their request and obtained legal and real estate advice, all as part of the NTPP service. Without this advice I wouldn’t have been able to make a fully-informed decision.

    The most exciting part of buying a property through NTPP was our trip to Brisbane when Pom spent the day showing us my property and the suburb followed by lunch at a winery!

    The whole NTPP team provide a fantastic professional service, and through information evenings and social events they have become much more than a property investment group, they have become friends.

    Rachelle – Darwin, NT

  • Client Testimonial Jerome House at frame stage
    Nothing but fantastic…

    My experience with APP/NTPP has been nothing but fantastic. APP have guided me every step of the way. With their experience and knowledge they have made the process painless and easy to understand. My investment property is currently being built and I am looking forward to the time when the tenants move in. APP are a great fun bunch helping me on my journey to success, thanks guys for all of your help.

    Jerome, Darwin NT.

  • Client Testimonial Lucas in Greece
    APP do all the hard research and chase up everything…

    I was referred to APP by a fellow worker so I went to one of their Thursday night events and came out super hyped at the idea of getting somewhere in life. APP would have to be the greatest investment group I’ve ever come across. They do all the hard research and chase up everything needed to build your investment property without a single hick up. This group is here for the long haul with awesome aftermarket support and ensure your investments are always rented.

    On top of all that, everyone in the office always makes you feel welcome. I’m going for my second investment now and couldn’t be happier with their service.

    Lucas, Darwin NT.

  • Client Testimonial Kathryn completed house
    So easy and streamlined

    The team at NTPP has been amazing. In August 2015, my partner and I attended one of their workshops. Since then, I have been able to purchase a block of land, had a house constructed and tenants installed in June this year. All these steps were made so easy and streamlined. It was a very well organised process; from identifying the site, engaging a builder, arranging finance to the final handover. Everything was handled in a very efficient and professional manner. It was a one-stop shop and all I had to do was sign the documents as required!

    I highly recommend the services of these experts who have made it a very pleasant experience because they are great and friendly group of people!

    Kathryn, Darwin NT

  • Client Testimonial Adam and Sarah finished house
    3 Properties in 18 months… and more planned

    After attending an obligation free information night at NTPP we were both very motivated. We had always wanted to get started in property investment, and although having done lots of previous research before, we didn’t know exactly how to get the ball rolling. It didn’t take long for us to feel comfortable and confident with NTPP and the principles behind them. Within 18 months we had purchased 3 properties and are still keen to purchase more going forward.

    The process has been very smooth, structured and professional. All our correspondence with staff has been very pleasing and easy to deal with.

    We recommend making an appointment or attending an information night to see just how stress-free property investing can be!

    Adam & Sarah, Darwin NT.

  • Our distant dream became a reality…

    As a long time Facebook friend of Emma’s (thanks to the perks of small town syndrome where everyone knows everyone) I constantly saw her posts and videos about investing and what she ‘does’. In all honesty I never watched any (sorry Emma) until one day a ‘did you know…’ video popped up and I had a couple minutes spare. Instantly I knew I had to share it with my husband. For 10yrs he has talked about wanting to invest and get into the property market but as parents of 2 little ones and not a great deal of savings it was a distant dream. However, something in that video made me book Ben in for a free workshop with APP. The workshop hooked him, he came home full of knowledge, possibilities and excitement.

    We then met with Emma & Bridget not long after and our lives changed. These ladies & their team are something else. They made our ‘way far off in the future’ dream a reality. In only 7 months after we watched that Facebook video we have settled on our first (of many) investment properties.

    From the bottom of our hearts we thank you! Our kids futures are so much brighter now and it would never have been possible without the Women’s Property Panel.


  • Continues to exceed our expectations

    We have been extremely happy with the professionalism and service provided by SA Property Panel. From our first seminar, our experience with the team has been fantastic. Andrew has been very helpful, has kept us well informed about the status of our property and continues to exceed our expectations.

    Justin and Jessica, Golden Grove, SA

  • APP wanted to help me achieve my dream…

    My greatest desire in life is to see my family financially secure, enjoying the little things in life because they don’t have to worry about what the future holds financially.

    My drive to achieve this goal had me researching many possible ways of making my dream a reality and in March of 2013 I decided to do research on the idea of property investment. It was during this time that I met up with Brad Dolahenty from the NT Property Panel and from our first meeting I knew I was looking in the right place to achieve my dream. The thing that struck me most about Brad and the NTPP team was that they weren’t trying to sell me a product or pressure me into investing through them. It was actually the complete opposite. Brad sat down with me and shared his own personal experiences in property investment, telling me all he’d learnt over the years. I met up with Brad many times after that and each meeting just filled me with more confidence that he and his team knew what they were talking about and that the NTPP had a system in place that had been fine- tuned over the years to achieve great results through property investment. More than that, I learnt that Brad wanted to help me achieve my dream.

    In May of 2013 I went ahead with my first investment property through the NTPP. I realised through the whole process from buying the block of land through to getting a property manager, that the system they have in place is so simple and stress free. Any questions I had were answered and any nerves I had subsided when I saw the professionalism in which the NTPP operated.

    I’m very excited about what the future holds and I look forward to achieving my dream as I’m guided through property investment by Brad and the team at the NTPP.

    Kyle, Darwin NT.

  • Thanks for an easy build!

    I wanted to provide you with some feedback regarding the process that was undertaken regarding the recently completed house at Ormeau Ridge.

    I have been absolutely thrilled with the efficiency and communication that you have provided over the course of the last 16 weeks!

    Two co-workers have built houses during the same period with other providers and have had delays, poor communication, poor attitudes and hidden costs. I can’t comment on whether this was the fault of the builder but it really stood out just how smooth and painless this build was for me.

    Being able to show pictures of the build in progress at every draw down stage was cause for envy in the office! And I loved that I could see the progress without having to worry about taking time off work to go down to the site.

    While I understand that I bought off-plan, and made no changes I really appreciated the the level of communication and the notifications of when you needed something from me.

    Emma and Bridget, I think this is a great tribute to the relationships that you build with your providers.

    Kind Regards

    G. Lidster