Do you have an Investment Strategy?

investment strategy

How is your investment strategy going? I am often asked two questions:
1). Do you only look for properties in the NT? The short answer is no.  The APP team look at property cycles around the country and have no single area, suburb, city or development. We actually look for sustainable growth.

2). Secondly I am asked about Strategies. This is a little more difficult to answer. What is your long-term strategy? Do you have one?

The first step you need to take if you are looking at setting a positive path for your future is to develop a strategy. Or you can use the one that has been developed by APP. You need to trust in your strategy, and stick to it. Property is long term; we purchase and hold. If you find the right property, would you sell it or watch it grow?

Success requires many things. You need to be informed and have a solid understanding of what you are doing, but equally important is the need to be disciplined and patient. If you want to understand our process and how it can be duplicated to work for you, come to a workshop or give me a call to have a chat.

But ask yourself: Do I have a strategy? What is my strategy? After all, it is your future.

If you’ve got more questions, then please visit our FAQ’s page or contact us here.

Posted by Grant Orr on 9 June, 2017 1:31 pm

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