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We know that starting out in property investing can feel like a jigsaw puzzle. You know the big picture but you may not have the time or knowledge to make a start.

Australian Property Panel (APP) is a nationwide team of successful property investors with years of experience and market knowledge in the industry. We’re not about selling you anything… we’re about giving you the tools to do it yourself. We share with you our combined experience (the good and the bad!) to help make investing in property an easy process. We help you piece it all together by making it simple. All you need to know is what you want the picture of your financial future to look like and we work with you to achieve it!

Our free service introduces you to a panel of experienced property investors and independent professional services—all on hand to assist you in building your own property portfolio.

Whether you are looking for basic advice on property investment or tips on structuring a multi-property portfolio, the Australian Property Panel can show you how to maximise your investment return.