Let us help you build a multi-property portfolio

Did you know that property is the vehicle by which most Australian millionaires have made their wealth?

Let’s face it, life is chaotic! From juggling work and family commitments, taxi-ing children from school, sport and social activities, or attempting to squeeze in a session at the gym… we are all “time poor”. For many people considering investing in property, finding the time can be one of the biggest challenges.

That’s where the Australian Property Panel (APP) can help you. We use a property investment system that’s tried and tested right here in Australia, with all of our team following this same method to build their own personal property portfolios. We are a free advisory and property investment service, and we’ve helped over 2000 Australians create wealth through property. Let us do the same for you.

When you are ready to take the first step, you can choose to sit down with us for an individual appointment or simply attend a workshop where you can gather more information from our specialist panel members. Making an investment decision is an important step in your financial future, so we make sure we understand your goals and develop a strategy around them.

  • Proven investment strategies

    Over time we have refined our investment experience to develop a number of simple property investment strategies. One strategy we will recommend is to choose a new property over an old property. This type of residential real estate has better long-term capital gain, especially when it is located in major centres and in close proximity to schools and shop.

  • Independent, unbiased advice

    We save you both time and money by bringing together a team of independent specialists to assist you in every stage of your property investment. This gives you direct access to a wealth of knowledge so you can be confident when making decisions. We don’t have any properties to sell, yet have access to every property on the market.

  • No cost to you

    We think you shouldn’t have to pay for property investment advice. Whether you’re visiting us for the first time, buying your first property or your 10th, our service is always free. We have helped thousands of clients find properties and begin investing. Property investment is a long-term venture and we plan to be there with you for the long haul.

How? By setting you up with a team of specialists

  • We have a team of independent experts, specialists, builders and developers who will share their knowledge with our clients to ensure they get the very best advice when considering their investments.

    We hand select opportunites through extensive research, professional experience, value for money and current market conditions to ensure you get the right property for your portfolio.

    And we’ll take you step by step through the entire process.

To find out more, simply register for one of our free workshops. Held in most states around Australia, our interactive workshop will have you working through your own real-life example to construct your own roadmap to achieve extraordinary results, just as many other Australians have already done.
If nothing else you will come away with some great resources to start you on your property journey.
Yes, with our system you can afford to invest.
Download “Sit on It”.
This is our guide to building a property portfolio
from your armchair. It will show you how little it can
cost to own your own investment property.
It’s our gift to you.
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Who are we?

We are an Australia-wide collective of investors who are passionate about educating and mentoring other Australians to do what we have already done: create wealth through investing in residential real estate.

Australian Property Panel (APP) was founded in 2003 by Peter (Pom) Spencer and Brad Dolahenty. We partner with individually-run property panels in each state and territory to show you that property investment can be really simple and it doesn’t have to be time-consuming—when you’ve got the right team helping you. We bring together experts and resources that enable our clients to confidently invest in residential real estate with peace of mind through ongoing education, research and support.

When you deal with any member of our team you are dealing with a person who owns the company; we do not employ sales people. Imagine being able to spend decades investing in property, learning everything you need to know without ever spending a cent or giving up your weekends. That’s what you get with APP. We have stood in your shoes and now want to share our combined experience to help make investing in property an achievable, easy process for you.

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Client Stories

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