Most of us have said “I should have bought that property years ago” or wish we still had our grandparent’s property. That’s because you already recognise that property values historically increase over time.

Now is the time to start looking at property as an investment option. It can be easy to put off, maybe it’s hard to find the time or you are concerned about making the wrong choice—there is a lot to consider.

That’s where the Australian Property Panel can help with our free advisory service. We are experienced in residential property investment and can show you a proven method to successfully build your property portfolio. We focus on capital growth and work directly with you to develop a plan on how to achieve your goals given your current financial situation. Let the APP show you how to create wealth through property investment.

About Brad Dolahenty

Brad Dolahenty knows property. The co-founder of Australian Property Panel (APP), Brad has been investing in property for more than 22 years. Self-employed at 21, Brad bought his first investment property at 22 and spent the next few years building a sound understanding making “all the right mistakes” and spending long hours doing the hard and hands-on work renovating. Finally he realised there was an easier and faster way to achieve a better result; purchase property with a focus on capital growth.

Brad is CEO & Partner in APP.

Reserve your place at one of our upcoming events

Our workshops are designed to educate people like you on how to successfully build a multi-property portfolio.  Come along and meet and learn from experienced property investors.


  • Federal Budget 2019 - how will you be affected

    What will the Budget mean to you? Watch this quick bullet-point video to work out the winners and grinners.

  • Property is a long game. Let's see how property prices have faired over 20 years.

    It's no secret that investing in property is a long-term strategy. When you hear reports that property prices have dropped by 5.6% it can put you off property as an investment tool. But when you take a step back, get some perspective, and view property prices over a 20-year period you'll see that property values have increased in a very healthy way.

  • How Can APP Help Me?

    Welcome to the Australian Property Panel. We use a property investment system that’s tried and tested right here in Australia, with all of our team following this same method to build their own personal property portfolios. We are a free advisory and property investment service, and we’ve helped over 2000 Australians create wealth through property. Let us do the same for you.

  • APP 21-Day Millionaire Mindset Challenge

    I'd like to talk to you about Change. Over the years I've help hundreds of people build multi-million dollar property portfolios. I've learned that change is the only constant you can guarantee. Change will occur. Life will be easier if you learn how to embrace change. Let me help you understand and embrace change in our 10-Step process.

  • I want to invest in property: how can APP help me?

    APP has been assisting clients make their investment dreams a reality for 12 years. They use a proven, tried and tested system. They spend an abundance of time speaking with clients about their investing needs and walking them through the process, step by step. Busy people in particular will benefit from what APP can offer.

  • How Can I Invest In Property

    Then you need a team of specialists. Who else is going to help you with the selection process, advise you on the type of finance you need, whether you buy built or build. Where are you going to start? APP can help you.

  • Warren and Gina's Story: How to get a passive income of $150,000 in 15 years.

    Meet Warren & Gina. They are regular people with an average income. They had written down their goals. And decided they would like a passive income of $150,000 in fifteen years. They started the "APP 5 Step Plan". They are on their way to being multi-millionaires with a great passive income from property. Watch their story.

  • Become a Property Investor and save paying Income Tax

    If you earn $95k you're probably too busy to research buying an investment property. What's more, you're paying income tax of over $23k per year, or $11.76 every hour you work. Want to make your tax work for you? Build a future and invest in property? You probably need help. At Australian Property Panel, we are here to help you.

Why choose Australian Property Panel

  • Proven strategies that work.

    We offer you simple property investment strategies that are easy to follow and understand. We work on the investment principle of using capital growth to purchase more residential properties to build a portfolio in a limited time.

    Download our free resource “Sit On It” for a complete overview of our approach to property investment.

  • We get that you don't have time.

    We use our personal property investment expertise and bring together a team of independent specialists, property managers and finance brokers to form your own personal Property Panel. If you have existing professionals you trust, we can also work alongside them—it’s all about helping you make the best investment decisions in order to build your personal property portfolio.

  • We take a personal approach.

    We are there to assist you through every stage of investment; for the current property purchase and for those in the future. We build an ongoing relationship with you and as your life or situation changes, we can make sure the mix of your property portfolio changes with you.


  • Over and above expectations.

    I have worked with NTPP and the team for over four years. They have assisted our family in developing a considerable property portfolio.

    Grant and Brad have gone over and above expectations to support us in reaching our goals. NTPP is extremely helpful, down to earth and get results. Working with them has reduced the stress of purchasing and building and made a difficult process simple.

    They have provided us with great contacts to assist us along the journey. They also know how to put together a good function and have introduced me to others with similar interests and goals. I highly recommend the entire team.

    Jarrod, Darwin NT.

  • APP do all the hard research and chase up everything…

    I was referred to APP by a fellow worker so I went to one of their Thursday night events and came out super hyped at the idea of getting somewhere in life. APP would have to be the greatest investment group I’ve ever come across. They do all the hard research and chase up everything needed to build your investment property without a single hick up. This group is here for the long haul with awesome aftermarket support and ensure your investments are always rented.

    On top of all that, everyone in the office always makes you feel welcome. I’m going for my second investment now and couldn’t be happier with their service.

    Lucas, Darwin NT.

  • 3 Properties in 18 months… and more planned

    After attending an obligation free information night at NTPP we were both very motivated. We had always wanted to get started in property investment, and although having done lots of previous research before, we didn’t know exactly how to get the ball rolling. It didn’t take long for us to feel comfortable and confident with NTPP and the principles behind them. Within 18 months we had purchased 3 properties and are still keen to purchase more going forward.

    The process has been very smooth, structured and professional. All our correspondence with staff has been very pleasing and easy to deal with.

    We recommend making an appointment or attending an information night to see just how stress-free property investing can be!

    Adam & Sarah, Darwin NT.