The Value of Knowledge

value of knowledgeNo matter what circumstances information is valuable, worthwhile and normally accessible. Ensuring you are gaining “Value” from the information you have been given is generally measured or indicated through receiving more than the effort you put in. Within the residential property investing market it could also mean obtaining “confidence in your future” and knowledge.

Information can be measured in terms of what it can actually do for you. You can purchase books to gain knowledge but it is unlikely you can be educated from the shelf. Great information which educates you and gives you sound knowledge is intangible and should be individual to you, that is, the solutions should be designed to fit your needs and outcomes.

Knowledge can be difficult to appreciate or determine its true value or worth before you actually receive it; the long term strategies of property investment may take
a while. This then tends to result in a leap of faith, in some opinions, yet if you look at it logically, if the information is based on a criteria and logical approach is it that much of a leap? If there is a recipe for a more financially secure future, you’d probably be first in line to pay for it, particularly in times when the market could be volatile.

The confidence of someone who obtains knowledge versus someone who hasn’t can highlight the difference between the financial assets or property portfolio held and presents clear anecdotal evidence of how educated clients view their current and future financial positions.

Purchasing property is one of the largest and most expensive investments generally made. No one has a crystal ball and to ensure that as much risk is mitigated as possible it should be thoroughly researched, analysed and critically evaluated.

The questions we most often hear from people about their financial future are:

  1. Will I have enough money in the future to do what I want?
  2. Am I investing in the right place?
  3. Can I reduce my tax?
  4. What are my options when things change?
  5. How can I keep an eye on my investment property?

There are always different challenges, not only in building a property portfolio but in life itself. Being prepared for those challenges, understanding them and having a core base to support you along the way assists in giving you peace of mind, even if it is through knowing you have support when required.

When we wrap it all up, what outcomes do we aim to achieve or would you expect?

  • Emotional Value – enable you to make a well informed decision about your future
  • Financial Value – through Capital Growth, Rental Returns and Tax Reductions
  • Practical Value – making it simple, following through and saving time
  • Intrinsic Value – facilitating and project managing through skills and knowledge

There is only one thing we can generally predict “You do nothing you will achieve nothing”.

If you’ve got more questions, then please visit our FAQ’s page or contact us here.

Posted by Grant Orr on 9 August, 2016 12:36 am

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